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Apple Store Gets Rid of 30,000 Apps

On Saturday, it was announced that Apple was removing over 30,000 Chinese app store apps. Over 90% of the apps removed were games. Following the completion of app removals, there were still around 179,000 gaming apps left. For new games to be released, Apple has stated to developers and companies that licenses will be required through Chinese regulators; this is an attempt to ensure local laws in China are being complied with and followed.

In Beijing, it’s required that local censors preapprove all games prior to publication. However, through a loophole in the app store, some game manufacturers were able to have their games still available to play while pending censor reviews. Apple warned companies who had previously unlicensed and unapproved games out in the market that they would be removed and unavailable following the July 31st date. Owners of TikTok, ByteDance, and Tencent Holdings Ltd. will most likely experience a loss in advertising revenue due to the removal of specific games and slow down in the release of new ones.

The removal of these games and the subsequent crackdown of unlicensed app store game releases could reportedly hurt Chinese game manufacturers who are producing and selling games in one of the most substantial digital market areas for Apple. While licensing isn’t currently halted in China, the process is presently slower due to a much stricter process for review and approval; regulators carry weighted concerns of minors developing an addiction to playing games and are wary of content that is deemed offensive.

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