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Coronavirus Numbers Lead Medical Experts to Call for U.S. Shutdown

For the fourth day in a row, the U.S. has seen over 1,000 people succumb to coronavirus infections each day, bringing today’s total to over 147,000 deaths, according to the New York Times. These numbers and other related statistics have prompted over 150 medical experts to call for the whole country to be shut down.

In a letter signed by teachers, nurses, doctors, scientists, and other medical experts, it was urgently expressed that if things don’t change, the U.S. could be looking at over 200,000 lives lost to the virus by November of this year. The letter was sent to members of Congress, state governors, and the Trump administration.

Already by August, researchers are indicating that the country could be on track to reach a total of 175,000 lives lost to the virus. Experts who were involved in the letter say the country should take a moment and hit the “reset button” on current efforts to manage the virus’s effects on the U.S. The importance of non-essential business and mandatory mask-wearing is stressed in the letter. Currently, many states continue to allow bars, restaurants, massage parlors, barbershops, and other non-essential businesses to remain open.

Daily testing requirements for those with symptoms, better contact tracing, and more personal protective equipment (PPE) are also determined by the letter’s experts to be necessary to make an impact in reducing infection and death rates.

With the severe economic impact already experienced here in the U.S. due to the current pandemic, investors are expected to watch for further signs of a potential country-wide shutdown.

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