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“Don’t Act Like Pirates!” Nour News Agency Warns America

A news agency in Iran warned the United States of possible consequences if they chose to take drastic steps against the fuel tanker en route to the South American country of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 

A top official in the United States government, while speaking to the Reuters, said the country was considering steps it could take with regards to the Western Asian country’s fuel shipment to the South American side. The official failed to state the measures being considered but said several options would be tabled before the president.

Earlier in May, the Western Asian country refuted claims from the U.S. of it assisting the crumbling South American country rebuild its oil sector. This is coming after the United States sanctioned both countries.

According to Elliot Abrams, a U.S. diplomat trying to topple Nicolas Maduro, he allegedly stated that the penniless state was paying Iran in gold for its oil sector to be revived. The Iranian foreign ministry referred to the diplomat’s claims as “baseless.”

The two oil sectors, being Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries members, are both under United States sanctions. Refintiv Eikon claims that at least a tanker transporting fuel from Iran is en route to the South American side. This shipment could ease the severe gasoline scarcity in the South American country.

Ali Rabei, the spokesman for the Iranian government, reiterated that Iran and Venezuela were two independent countries that had past trade relations and would continue in the future. Speaking further, he said he was clueless about the vessel bound for Venezuela.

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