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Is the Price of the Surface Duo Worth It?

Last week, Microsoft (MSFT) announced the long-awaited release date and price for the new Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone. But the steep price, paired with the functionality of the new device, may have some wondering if the gadget is worth the cost.

According to Microsoft, the Surface Duo smartphone is set to officially release on September 10th of this year at a whopping $1,399 price point. The Surface Duo, which is being referred to by Microsoft as a “communication device,” isn’t as expensive as Samsung’s Galaxy Z-Flip phone, which is priced at $1,449.99. However, the Surface Duo price is higher than most competitor smartphone price points.

The Surface Duo phone starts out as a tablet with an 8.3-inch screen, but center-placed hinges allow the device to be folded in half and used as a smartphone with a 5.6-inch display. The Surface Duo comes with Windows 10 installed and optimized to work for the dual-screen, and the screen can fold a full 360 degrees. The new foldable communication device also runs off of a version of Android that was specifically designed to support it.

It’s been¬†reported¬†that Editor-at-large at Yahoo Finance Brian Sozzi got a sneak peek of an earlier version of the Surface Duo. However, the verdict is still out on whether or not consumers will be willing to pay the hefty price tag for a phone seeking to establish a tech classification all its own.

At the time of this article’s writing, Microsoft stock was up 0.48% to $209.895 per share.

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