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New Prisma Alternative School Launches

For parents looking for school alternatives, a new option was launched in the homeschooling category. Prisma was just launched as an alternative option for home-based learning for elementary through middle school-aged children.

The parents who started Prisma, Ransom and Alain Chuard, are no strangers to online tech development. In 2012, the two entrepreneurs sold their social media marketing company to Google (GOOG) for a hefty $450 million. Ransom and Alain also ended up working for Google for several years following the sale of their company.

Prisma is intended to offer an enhanced digital learning option for parents who have children in fourth through eighth grades. While many school options are being newly developed and marketed with the current ongoing pandemic demanding more digital learning options, Prisma has been in development for the past two years. Prisma intends to better the experience of parents and students through opportunities meant to enhance social experiences, better the parent involvement aspect, and more.

Prisma is set to go live this September, and parents can expect to pay a $7,900 per year tuition. There is also a sliding scale available to make the school more affordable for lower earners. However, one thing parents should keep in mind is that Prisma is not a certified school and has no plans to become one. Essentially, parents will be registering their children with a homeschooling institution. Homeschooling may not be a problem for many parents in the current educational environment, however. For safety reasons and due to frustrations with distance learning options, many parents are switching up the approach to their children’s education.

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