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Walmart Expands Healthcare Industry Efforts In Atlanta

It was announced today that Walmart (WMT) has plans to open six more health clinics by the end of this year in the greater Atlanta area. Earlier this week, the retail giant similarly announced it would be opening clinics in Florida and Chicago this year.

The clinics, which plan to offer dental and primary medical care services to patients, will bring the total current clinic number up to 13. Currently, Walmart has one Walmart Health clinic open in its home town of Bentonville, AR, and three in Georgia.

This new announcement further cements what appears to be Walmart’s continued move into the healthcare space. Earlier this month, Walmart began advertising jobs in Texas for insurance representatives. The advertisement indicated that the new hires would be assisting with signing up enrollees into a new Walmart Medicare-based insurance plan. Around the same time, it was also discovered that Walmart was purchasing medical management technology. Walmart is already the third-largest pharmacy in the United States.

Walmart continues to move forward with new company developments this year. Adding to the recent healthcare industry moves, Walmart also plans to launch a new subscription service soon to compete directly with Amazon (AMZN). The service, called Walmart+, will be priced at $98 per year and feature things like product and gas discounts. The Walmart+ launch was delayed from its original launch in March or April this year; however, Walmart has put up a teaser site announcing that it will be available soon.

At market close today, Walmart was down 0.77% to $131.64.

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